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If you would like to review our consignment furnishings, please click to "products" then "furniture".


Thank you for taking the time to view our website which contains a small sampling of our preferred   comfort items.  From ultimate luxury items to everyday necessities, all reasonably priced!  If you enjoy luxury, comfort and relaxation you are at the right site! 


After a hard day of work, try a little e-shopping!  Skip the hours shopping in the mall and flipping through catalog pages.  Go to our Affiliate Vendors page and click onto the site where you would enjoy shopping. Click through to Femail Creations, Ross-Simons, Eziba, SpaFinder and more! Now, go have some fun!!!


We do offer a design consulting service. When you are ready to give your home, office, yacht, or aircraft a new look, please give us a call. 




The Owner of luxurystuff.com, Lisa Peterson-Barrett, has a passion for ultimate comfort items. Basically anything that looks wonderful, feels comfortable, smells blissful, improves vigor, and creates an improved mind ... will be found on this site! After careful thought, the idea of creating a website to share these products with others seemed like the next best step! Certainly there are other luxury lovers out there? 


Lisa also believes that her pets feel the same way about luxury!  Take a moment and visit our Pet Products section of the website.  You will notice that your dog, cat or  horse will be able to enjoy the finer things in life as well!   


In a time of hustle and bustle, luxurystuff.com offers the ultimate luxuries of relaxation for people and their pets!  





All products presented on our site have been purchased by Lisa herself (she has at least one of each!). We guarantee you will be pleased with our selections!  


Also, while always offering a savings, we will frequently offer tremendous specials on our products.  Savings that you will not find elsewhere on the web!  




On a daily basis, we are continually searching and speaking with new vendors across the globe.  Should you wish to see a certain product represented our site, please send us an e-mail. 


Please check back frequently as we are always adding new products! Also, please tell us what you would enjoy as an addition to the website.


Please know that we are affiliated with many vendors whose sites we highly recommend.  As you browse through our site, when you see a link, just click and review. Just remember to bookmark our site before you move on! Or, you may go directly to the Affiliate Program section of our website and click through to your favorite vendors! Happy shopping!




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