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Are you feeling heathy?

Lifestyle Change:  Maybe you are about to embark on changing your lifestyle habits to become healthier?  Below are a few herbs and how they may enhance your health.  You want to keep in mind that herbs/nutraceutical products are only as great as the environment they have been grown and manufactured within.  When shopping for your products, always look for "pharmaceutical grade" supplements.  

Shopping Suggestions:  Synergy crates "pharmaceutical grade" nutritional supplements and is a favorite of mine.  You are able to purchase Synergy products from this website. 

Below are other website links you might want to investigate as well. Be aware that shopping for nutritional supplements on the web is a great way to save money!!! 

                                              USEFUL HERBS

Bilberry:  Bilberry is used to help prevent glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and to improve night vision.  Strengthens blood vessels and improves circulation; helpful in treating varicose veins, hemmorhoids and nosebleeds.  Sometimes prescribed before surgery to reduce bleeding complications. May help control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Chamomile:  A natural relaxant, chamomile is used to relieve anxiety, insomnia, menstrual cramps and stomach upset.  Applied topically, chamomile alleviates skin inflammations.  May trigger allergic reactions in those with ragweed allergies. Avoid if you are taking prescriptions anticoagulants, as chamomile contains natural blood-thinning compounds.

Chasteberry:  Also known as vitex, chasteberry regulates female hormone levels and thus is helpful in menstrual irregularities, PMS, cyclic breast discomfort, menopausal symptoms and female infertility. 

Dandelion:  High in vitamins A, C, D and B-complex, as well as iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc. The leaves of this infamous weed have been traditionally used to treat water retention.  Often used for constipation and to detoxify the liver.

Echinacea:  Popular in Europe and the United States for more than a century, echinacea (also known as purple coneflower) stimulates immunity and is effective in alleviating symptoms at the onset of a cold.

Feverfew:  Helpful in preventing migraine headaches. May alleviate migraine attacks when taken at the onset of symptoms.

Garlic:  Garlic's role in heart attack and atherosclerosis prevention dates back to the first century A.D.  Used today to lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and thinning blood.  Contains antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties; may also be useful for treating colds and yeast infections.

Ginger:  Used primarily to treat indigestion and nausea associated with motion sickness, morning sickness and postsurgical nausea. 

Ginkgo:  Used to enhance memory and mental function, particularly in people who have dementia, Alzheimer's disease or age-related memory loss.  May also improve leg circulation, depression, diabetes complications and PMS symptoms.

Ginseng:  Research indicates that regular use of ginseng can improve immunity, mental function, stamina, energy levels and resistance to stress.  May also help balance blood sugar.  Ginseng may interfere with the effects of MAO inhibitor drugs, digitalis, drugs processed by enzyme "CYP 3A4", and warfarin.

Goldenseal:  High in antiseptic properties, goldenseal is used topically to treat poorly healing sores, fungal infections, gingivitis and inflamed mucous membranes.  Its internal used include alleviating minor digestive disorders and sore throats.

Kava:  Chemical compounds called kavalactones give this herb its muscle-relaxing and sedative properties. Useful for treating anxiety, insomnia and menstrual cramps. 

Milk thistle:  Silymarin, the active ingredient in milk thistle, protects and regenerates the liver, the body's main organ of detoxification.  Research has found it effective for treating hepatitis, alcoholic fatty liver and cirrhosis.  Also helpful for increasing breast milk in nursing mothers.  May protect the liver from liver-toxic medications.  May reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. 

Saw Palmetto:  This is the quintessential men's herb, as studies show it can shrink an enlarged prostrate gland and alleviate symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), including frequent urination.

Valerian:  Dating back to the second century as a medicinal for insomnia, this sedative herb is used today to alleviate anxiety and aid sleep.  





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