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Carol Korpi McKinley, Specializing in large scale acrylic and oil paintings.

This Art Gallery is designed to exhibit a protion of Carol Korpi McKinley's artistic talent. There are 20 main categories of artwork with new paintings added weekly. Mrs. McKinley is a highly prolific and versatile painter whose styles have graced many private and public collections.





         "Mediterranean"                                                        "Key West, FL"                                                     "Elephant"

Painting Number LAN003, 5'8"x9'3"                     Painting Number LAN007, 5'8"x10'3"                 Painting Number TAP007 48"x60"

                 $11,800                                                                    $13,000                                                           $3,700    


"Yellow Dog"














Walter E. Peterson, Fine Art Portraiture, Originals and Limited Editions

Acclaimed portrait artist Walter Peterson knew he had a special gift at an early age.

A perfectionist at heart, the artist sets out from the initial meeting to ascertain what feeling the client wants to convey; the look, the mood, the message; all the while keeping in mind what viewpoint would be most aesthetic for their special portrait. His objective is to depict them at their very best, comparable to one's most favorite photo of themselves, but with much more vitality. He wants this experience to be very enjoyable, one that will be remembered with much satisfaction! Being capable of executing arduous detail when appropriate, Walter also prefers to take his paintings to a level of realism so as to bring as much reality into the composition as possible, while not compromising the art form. The end result is a very compelling creation. It is often commented that his subjects appear very real, very three dimensional, as though they could walk right out of the painting!

Limited editions of Walter's outstanding series "Caribbean Prints" and "Birds" will be available in August 2002. 

For further information regarding Walt's creations, please contact Lisa Barrett, (303) 526-1207. 





The Portrait Process

Your initial discussion with Lisa and Walter addresses the type of portrait that you have in mind, whether it be formal or informal, indoors or outside, lighting preferences etc. This conversation can be in person, or by phone, although a face to face meeting is preferred, if you are in the Atlanta area. This time also allows the artist to get to acquainted with the client, and or subject; and consider what poses and settings that will convey the most aesthetic look for this special painting. A photo session is then set at a location recommended by the artist after he evaluates the scenario, unless the client has a favorite place in mind. If the client lives out of town, then of course your help in choosing a great setting is appreciated.

Depending on the number of subjects, the photo session generally lasts from one to two hours. Whereas most painters photograph the head and then the entire figure, Walter captures the head then photographs the torso in two or three sections, bringing them back together on the drawing board.

The end result is a portrait that appears more lifelike and more three-dimensional. It's very important that the subject be present when the artists selections are reviewed, to make sure that the chosen images best represent the natural look of that individual without camera distortion. At this time the client will make the final decision on expressions and posturing, as well as specifics regarding choice of background, and any other intricacies that may be of concern. In some instances a second shoot may be necessary. For those clients outside of the metro Atlanta area, the meeting will take place later that day, or the next morning.

Walter will then return to his studio to begin a preliminary study. This is only a loose version of the composition, without a detailed rendering of the face, to give both the artist and client a clear view of the direction the portrait will take. Capturing an accurate likeness comes easily, however the design element is very important. This sketch is generally presented via facsimile or priority mail, followed with a phone consultation. When only a single figure is to be painted without a realistic background, this step is eliminated. Depending on the size and complexity of the portrait, the finished work takes anywhere from one to six months to complete, from the time the brush hits the canvas. At the unveiling, if any minor adjustments are needed, they will be made at that time. If out of the area, photos will be mailed for approval prior to shipment.





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