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Specialty Products:

Angel Wings: Ever felt like an angel but were just missing your wings?  We have angel wings in a variety of sizes and colors. Especially great for earth laden angels!

All styles of feather wings can be ordered with Point Cut Turkey Feathers, Round Turkey Feathers or Goose Feathers and can also be ordered in black or white.

Our  Wings are constructed with materials that give them the strength and memory to return to their original shape. We use only the highest quality materials obtainable.  Wings come with extra feathers should some become damaged. All of our feathers come from birds that are raised domestically for human food. Please call us for exact measurements at (561) 498-4169.


Cherub Wings, Style B, Available in baby $50.00, small $80.00, medium $290.00, and large $340.00. 



Black Medium Angel Wings, (Turkey) $200.00                    White Medium Phoenix Wings, $280.00




White, XXL Goose Angel Wings, $1,200.00                        White,  XL Turkey Angel Wings, $400.00


Are you a fan of Boas?  We have them in Ostrich, Chandelle, and Marabou, Turkey, Coque, Schlippen,and Rooster.  All colors.  Prices range from $24.00 $110.00.


Magic Fairy Wand: Certainly you have wished for the 'magic fairy wand'?  Those of you who are queens, princesses, princes, or frogs ... Search no further, we have those too! Great for an attitude adjustment!


  Magic Wand, Sculpted in Copper, with faux stones, simply perfect!


To order any of the products on this page, please call (561) 498-4169.




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